The Best Football Stadium

Stadium located in Arlington, Texas on March 14, 2014. Formerly known as Cowboys Stadium, the multipurpose stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL

Making the Most of an Away Game

The many factors that go into choosing a stadium to watch a game at are many, but we’ve attempted to put them in some order here. In many cases, a club’s budget will make it impossible for them to invest heavily in a large venue with a large field of play, and even those clubs who do own a stadium find themselves in a situation where they must either rent or buy their place of choice.

Clubs continue to choose these venues year in and year out as they have for the last several years and there is no reason to think this trend will change. With that said, many clubs have a choice between a number of venues, some of which feature outstanding facilities for watching the game in beautiful surroundings.

  • Manchester United recently announced that they would be building a new home in Milton Keynes and with such a venue available they could easily afford the expenditure. This, combined with their financial muscle makes it possible for them to install world-class facilities. A potential world cup year for United would see them build their stadium in style and with fantastic facilities, and with Chelsea’s current facilities being so often criticised it would be another great chance for the club to have the facilities they need.
  • Many fans might not know about the old stadium, which is near to the airport in Milton Keynes. The land on which the stadium is based is part of an agricultural estate and has been lovingly managed by the owner and has hosted football matches there on many occasions.
  • The largest area of space in these football stadiums is the pitch, which is made of grass, making it a grass-based surface. However, this does mean that the fans stand up and appreciate the atmosphere and the pitch on the day.
  • Fans appreciate their field of play and the quality of the occasion to be able to enjoy a good view of the match and of course the players as well. If the club continues to build their stadium in this way, it is a sure bet that the best quality facilities for watching football will remain for many years to come.
  • This is usually the reason why many grounds have handed out yellow cards during the game. You can expect to see some bad tackles and some violent players for sure and of course the end result for many of them is banning.
  • The best stadiums are generally the largest stadiums, the ones that can accommodate the greatest number of people and the best facilities. In the end, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience of the game and be able to sit and relax with your friends and family, without having to take out your mobile phone.
  • If you want to experience this, there are going to be times when you want to get away from the ground and take your family and friends to a local pub, then there are going to be other times when you want to go to a local restaurant. The best stadiums in football offer something for everyone.
  • If there is any other stadium in the UK you wish to visit for a day, the best stadium to visit is Manchester United, the home of Manchester United. It is a place where fans can go for a match and simply relish the atmosphere of the game.

It is certainly not easy to follow the progress of the game on the TV and not be able to take your family and friends to see it at some point. With the great facilities at the Manchester United Stadium provides, you can enjoy both.

So What Are Some Of The Best Football Stadiums?

The question of what is the best football stadium to attend is one that may be asked a lot by people who watch and do not get to go to a game. One of the main factors that make a difference is what your group is doing. If you’re watching the game in the living room, maybe not so much, but if you’re sitting next to a bar or restaurant table then a loud firework and a rowdy crowd can really detract from the beauty of the game.

For those who are in town for the big game, there are other things to think about. If you have a group of friends who are eager to show off their “whip” it’s best to take them to a stadium that has a history. It might be easier to find a large group of people who enjoy that and have a good time than going to an empty stadium.

One of the other things to consider is where you are going to sit. Is it going to be one of the quieter places with some quality seats? If so then it might be worth the trip. However, if you are sitting in the stands or in the opposite end of the stadium you might want to consider where the tailgating area is.

Tailgating is going to get very messy so you may want to consider the sun is in your eyes. It’s also going to be close to the game, so if you’re looking for some shade, try a great book or a blanket. Remember, it’s a great way to get out of the heat for a few hours and while there, you’ll probably run into the most outrageous people. This can be a great way to spend a relaxing Sunday night before the big game.

A good question to ask yourself is how many people are you going to have at the game. If you’re going to have a few friends or a larger group of acquaintances, then a stadium with a big view of the action would be a great idea. The view should be nice and if you’ve got a back patio, this can be a great place to see the game through the glass of your back window.

Another factor to consider if you’re not sure what the best football stadium to go to is whether the others in your group are going to be in attendance. If they are and you get a good deal on parking, you may be able to fit everyone in. If not, you might want to consider going to a smaller stadium with a view of the action.

What is the best football stadium to go to? That is an easy question to answer as long as you have the right group and the right tickets. If you have two friends or a few close friends then the stadium may be perfect for them as well.