Why Does Mark Cuban Hate the NBA’s New TV Deal?

It would seem that the only thing that the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban could agree on was that he hated the new NBA television contract. And what exactly did Cuban mean by hating it?

Well, there is the clause in the new CBA where the league doles out more money to teams that sign players who are less than 10 years older than the average NBA player. How does this affect Cuban? Well, the fact that his young, fast-paced Dallas Mavericks could sign one of the league’s most exciting up-and-coming superstars this summer, replacing Dirk Nowitzki with a young shooting guard whose specialty is scoring from the perimeter without having to drive.

The owner went even further, saying that he didn’t want Nowitzki to be replaced by an old, slow, plodding player like LaMarcus Aldridge, who would then become the key reason the franchise went bankrupt in three years. Not to mention that the CBA would also make life harder for Cuban’s young kids to get to and play college ball, since it makes it more expensive for teams to travel to road games during the season.

But the biggest issue between the two of them appears to be a dispute over his social agenda. Since Cuban, who made his millions as an investor in oil exploration, has no business to be spending his money on charity and causes like Planned Parenthood.

Mark Cuban’s Crusade For Women’s Equality was a film with the slogan, “Be the Change you want to see in the world.” However, when it came time to have it shown at the Oscars, the film received very little publicity.

Even though there are more than enough issues between Cuban and women and their rights in America, he failed to receive the same kind of attention that women’s rights activists were getting from his lack of support for Planned Parenthood. One might assume that he took a principled stand against women’s rights issues while on his crusade for Women’s Equality, but when it came time to show his philanthropic side he decided against it.

He has also called gay marriage a slippery slope towards polygamy and said that he would be fine with gay soldiers in the military. In addition, he said he believes that homosexuality should be considered a mental illness, which could make it a crime in the future.

If you were thinking of running for president, wouldn’t you at least want your team to have an owner who was supporting your candidacy? The media took this comment to mean that Cuban supported gay marriage, but he was not trying to ban gay marriage.

By his own admission, the reason that he decided to support the gay community was because he feels that it will help to increase his brand equity, and in the end it was a wise decision, since it can be considered a moral dilemma as well. However, I will also say that Cuban has a platform that others could use if they wish to run for office.

The good thing about a company owner who supports the gay community is that there are many celebrities who openly support gay rights, and so that can give voters an impression of who they should vote for. When Hollywood and social conservatives are coming out in support of gay rights, it will give people a reason to think twice before they dismiss a politician based on their own political views.

Mark Cuban’s team has already spent a lot of money fighting the fight for gay rights, and as a result Cuban seems to be in a position where he can afford to fund his own campaign. After all, he didn’t actually have to do this, and if Cuban really wanted to help the cause he could simply donate his donation to the American Civil Liberties Union instead.

Whether or not you believe that Mark Cuban supports gay rights, should have nothing to do with your presidential campaign. For what it’s worth, I personally believe that he supports gay rights, but if he wants to show his true colors then he can donate the money to the ACLU.